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On celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2020

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CTF’s quarterly publication is very intentionally called Perspectives. In each issue, the CTF President, members of the CTF staff, and invited contributors share their views on a topic affecting the teaching profession and publicly funded public education in Canada and around the world. As celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation are underway, there is much to celebrate from coast to coast to coast. At the same time, we need to acknowledge the much longer histories and contributions of Indigenous peoples to Canada, to celebrate their ways of knowing, and to do what we can for truth and reconciliation.

CTF Member organizations celebrating anniversaries


Anniversaries coming up



  • Manitoba Teachers’ Society’s 100th anniversary
  • Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association’s 75th anniversary
  • Ontario Teachers’ Federation’s 75th anniversary
  • Nunavut Teachers’ Association’s 20th anniversary


  • Prince Edward Island Teachers’ Federation’s 140th anniversary
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association’s 130th anniversary
  • Nova Scotia Teachers Union’s 125th anniversary
  • Canadian Teachers’ Federation’s 100th anniversary

This particular issue of Perspectives is both a look back and a look ahead, and we hope you will find the articles on public education in Canada, the inclusion of Indigenous Peoples in our work and learning, the evolution of French language education in Canada, and on the Daughters of the Vote, both thought-provoking and informative.

As we honour Canada’s 150th, at CTF we are also thinking of our federation’s upcoming centenary celebration. 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of our national teachers’ organization! Plans are taking shape for various important advocacy initiatives to uphold the teaching profession and to further support quality equitable publicly funded public education at home and abroad. We will also celebrate the many successes and recognize key contributors to quality education and teachers’ unions from across the country from over the years.

Perhaps you have a story to tell that could help us bring our rich history to life. Do you recall your first time at the mic at a CTF Annual General Meeting? Can you remember meetings and key decisions from decades ago? Were you or someone you know a President of our federation? What’s your proudest moment representing or working for the teaching profession? How has solidarity enabled us to overcome challenges along the way?

First Executive of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation. Calgary, AB — July 27, 1920

If these questions prompt memories or ideas for you, we need your input. The CTF staff is embarking upon an oral and visual history project about CTF for the celebrations in 2020. Among other plans, we hope to record the stories of those involved with founding Member organizations, to capture memories from many Past Presidents and Vice-Presidents, and unlock some lesser known facts and details about CTF over the years. We will begin recording oral histories this summer at the CTF Annual General Meeting and aim to continue over the next two and a half years at CTF events. If you have a story to tell about your engagement in CTF, please be in touch. Drop us a line at [email protected] if you have a tidbit or story to share.

On celebrating our 100<sup>th</sup> anniversary in 2020